Vehicle Usage

Vehicles are offered for short-term rentals usually associated with an event such as:

  • a wedding departure for a bride and groom, 
  • special birthday or anniversary celebrations, 
  • parades,
  • VIP transportation, 
  • promotion of a business grand opening or charitable fund raiser, 
  • one-time commercials, and other permissible activities with rental duration of less than one week.  

Vehicles are also available for long-term rentals to be used: 

  • in movie productions, 
  • recurring product-promotional campaigns, 
  • seasonal commitments from world-class resort hotels for local VIP transportation, 
  • and a variety of other multi-week or monthly usage activities.

Due to their value or unique history, certain vehicles are only available with a CCC chauffeur, who will maintain control of the vehicle. For all vehicles rented without a CCC chauffer, the customer will be responsible for all damages or unusual wear and tear, and must be a licensed driver with insurance coverage considered adequate in the sole discretion of CCC.