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Car Details

Manufacturer: Plymouth

Year: 1966

Model: Hemi Belvedere II

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Engine: 426 Hemi V8

Style: 2-door hardtop

Radio: Yes

Air-conditioning: No

Pricing: Available upon request

** Rentals Not available for wedding, prom, birthday or other personal events **

History: The original owner was Chicago Police Officer Clement Messino of Harvey, Illinois. To supplement his income, he was using this car to escape from bank robberies in both Illinois and Indiana. Early in 1966, the police were on the look-out for a swift white Belvedere II, Clem attempted to elude the authorities by painting the car an unassuming black, but the plan failed and he was caught. The car was sold to it’s second owner who restored the car to it’s original white. At that point the car had only accumulated 3,900 miles. Showing only a few more miles than that today, it is ironic that the police finally got the car. The last time the Belvedere traded hands, it was to two brothers, both of whom were police officers.  

Rent this historic car today. It is available for movie productions, photo shoots, commercials and special events. Just click Get Quote or call (423) 479-5353 today to book this unique muscle car.

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Rental Polices

Vehicles are offered for short-term rentals usually associated with an event such as:

  • parades
  • VIP transportation
  • promotion of a business grand opening or charitable fundraiser 
  • one-time commercials, and other permissible activities with rental duration of less than one week.  

Vehicles are also available for long-term rentals to be used: 

  • in-movie productions
  • recurring product-promotional campaigns
  • seasonal commitments from world-class resort hotels for local VIP transportation
  • and a variety of other multi-week or monthly usage activities

Due to their value or unique history, certain vehicles are only available with a CCC chauffeur, who will maintain control of the vehicle. For all vehicles rented without a CCC chauffer, the customer will be responsible for all damages or unusual wear and tear, and must be a licensed driver with insurance coverage considered adequate in the sole discretion of CCC.


For rentals without a CCC chauffeur, a valid government-issued driver’s license will be required of all drivers at the time of rental. The license may not be expired, cracked, broken, or a temporary permit/license. International customers will be required to provide a passport, international driver’s license and proof of insurance.


All drivers must be 25 years or older.


For all rentals without a CCC chauffeur, drivers are required to provide proof of full coverage (collision, liability and comprehensive) insurance with a maximum deductible of $500. We do not sell insurance coverage for our rentals. If you do not have full coverage verifiable insurance, we cannot rent a vehicle to you. All drivers must have verifiable auto insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in property damage coverage, and with other maximum coverages depending on the value of any vehicle rented without a CCC chauffeur. Debit cards are not accepted. All payments to be made by verifiable credit card, cash or wire transfer.


For all rentals without a CCC chauffeur, drivers must have a valid credit card for security damage deposit. All major credit cards except American Express are accepted. Cash, credit cards, and wire transfer are accepted in U.S. currency only.


The security deposits vary depending on the vehicle rented without a CCC chauffeur.


For short-term rental agreements, a 24 hour period constitutes a rental day.


For short-term rentals, the agreement includes 100 miles per day. Excess mileage will be billed at a minimum of $ 4.99 per mile up to $9.99 per mile, depending upon the vehicle. Mileage limits will be negotiated for long-term rentals.


Additional Drivers may be added for a charge of $100 per day per driver. A valid driver’s license and proof of insurance will be required for each additional driver.


Cancellations must occur at least 72 hours prior to reservation date


For vehicles rented with a CCC chauffeur, the rental agreement will include fuel. For vehicles rented without a CCC chauffeur, fuel level will be checked and confirmed at the time of rental. Depending on the vehicle, premium fuel may be required and the customer must agree to provide receipts clearly reflecting purchases of premium fuel. The customer is required to bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel as when rented. Fuel discrepancies will be billed at $10.00 per gallon. If the vehicle requires premium fuel and the customer fails to provide proof that such fuel was used, the renter agrees to pay a special vehicle maintenance fee of $1,000.


No pets are allowed in any vehicle unless the rental agreement includes a pet fee. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is clean and odor-free and has no signs of pet hair, etc. Service animals are allowed in our vehicles with proper documentation. A minimum $250 cleanup fee will be assessed to any vehicle with any signs of pet transport.


Keeping rental vehicles longer than originally scheduled is a serious problem unless you contact us in advance and receive our permission. Verbal extensions (calling by phone, etc.) are NOT honored. Customer must sign a new rental agreement with extended dates and times in order to extend a rental.


International customers will be required to present a valid passport in order to rent a vehicle. We will not accept credit card coverage as insurance. Credit card coverage is not primary and does not provide any liability coverage for the vehicle. Unless CCC provides a chauffeur, the complete (collision, liability and comprehensive) insurance coverage issued by companies (rated B+ or better by AM BEST) properly licensed in the State(s) where the vehicle will be used must be provided by the customer.


Prepayment of one-half of the amounts due under the vehicle rental agreement is required with all reservations.


Vehicle rental agreements require pick up of the vehicle at a location specified by CCC. Arrangements for vehicle delivery to other locations must be specified in the vehicle rental agreement established a minimum of 72 hours prior to pick up. All vehicles should be returned to the same location where they were picked up.


Vehicles returning earlier than the scheduled time on the rental agreement will not receive a refund or a credit.


Reservations are held for three hours from the specified pickup time. If the customer fails to arrive within the three-hour pick-up window and fails to contact us to make alternative arrangements we will attempt to contact you via email, text and/or phone. If we are unable to reach you in the three hour time, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and retain the reservation deposit.


Smoking is NOT allowed in any vehicle. We impose a minimum $1,000 cleaning fee for ANY detection of smoking including smoke odor, ashes, and butts in ashtrays.

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